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This is the not-so official site for Whitesboro Football.  You can view stats, pictures, and rankings for Class A New York State Football.

Whitesboro Central School
Alma Mater
Hail to thee! O sons of Whitesboro
We have a trust to keep,
The love of Whitesboror High School
And her high ideals to seek;
Loyalty is for the blue,
And the white mean honor bright,
So we'll all stand true forever
To the Royal BLUE and WHITE.
Through the four long years of high school
Midst the scenes we love so well,
We have struggled on and upward
Till we've reached goal ideal;
Whitesboro Hogh, we'll ne'er forget you
You have always loomed so bright
And we'll all stand true forever,
To the Royal Blue and White
When we're launched on life's great journey,
And we come to toil and care,
We will think of dear old Whitesboro
And the moral we've learned there.
We'll uphold her fine ideals,
And we'll represent the right,
Be right, be square, be true, be fair
To the Royal BLUE and WHITE

W'boro For Life! BBWC