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Yesterday's game in detail.

Friday nights are back, thank God!  It's only the second week of the season and i feel like it's flying by already.  This week's matchup W'boro travels to R.F.A., their first of two road games.  R.F.A. is comming of a dramatic win over Union-Endicott, where the game wsa controlled by Union-Endicott, but six turnovers cost them the game to R.F.A.  This week's game i expect to be another close one, it has been the last three or four meetings between W'boro and R.F.A., which have all been decided by one score, and usually comes down to the last minute of the game, in some cases last seconds.  W'boro being in Class A, is playing up in Class AA R.F.A.  This game is'nt one of those games that means nothing, they may be out of our division, and mean nothing in the standings, but it's a sense of pride, playing up a level with the big boys, knowing you can compete at their level.  Beating a AA school gives the team soo much confidence.  Key players will need to step up in order to win this game.  First and foremost our defense needs to show up.  We played just ok defense last week against Fulton, and in the second half, we looked very sloppy, so to answer your question Tommy Havener, your defense can get better, no disrespect.  Ryan Schmidt also needs to step up and make some plays, as well as Kyle Vincent when his time comes.  Our offensive line needs to explode off the ball and make some running room for Don Pinisi and Steve McNally between the tackles.  Dropped passes in the flats can't happen this week, because if you dont pick those little yards up or turn the ball over, R.F.A. will capitalize on them.  Defensively our line needs to hold up, and jam the middle while LB's fill the holes, as our run defense looked poorly last week late in the game.  My predicted outcome, W'boro 22  R.F.A.  7  Good Luck Blue!

Whitesboro (2-0)      21
R.F.A. (1-1)      7

Game Recap

Player(s) of the Game
Week 1     Tommy Havener & Don Pinisi
Week 2      Mike Moran
Week 3      Matt Lamb & Tommy Havener
Week 4

Play of the Game
Week 1     32 yard TD pass from Kyle Vincent to Frank Lawyer
Week 2     6 yard TD pass from Ryan Schmidt to Mike Moran
Week 3

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